Company Profile

Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation, LCR, is a specialty restoration and preservation coating and rehab company providing services for Water and Sanitary Sewer structures for municipal and government markets. Substrates we service include concrete, steel, and galvanized tanks.  Utilizing Raven Lining Systems products, high performance coatings and Aquatapoxy (potable water) are applied to preserve structures while cementitious products and geopolymers to rehabilitate structures back to sound substrate.   We also offer CCTV services and Jetter Cleaning.  Our service area covers Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana , and Texas.


Operations and Mission

Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation is a Texas Minority Owned company located in Buda, TX.  For over 20 years, we have offered specialty restoration and preservation services to municipals and government markets traveling throughout the Southern Region.  Our company adheres to the “concrete” principals of employing qualified and knowledgeable personnel and delivering exceptional customer service and product at fair pricing.   We are proud that our services help to revitalize structures and protect the environment while maximizing the client’s budget dollar.  We continue to strive as one of the Leaders in the Utilities Water and Wastewater Rehab Industry.


  • High performance coatings
  • Cementitious applications
  • Structure Rehab
  • Water Infiltration
  • Shotcrete
  • CCTV and Jetter services